Gratitude And The Art Of Practice

This is supposed to be my year of gratitude and as lessons go, I’m not doing very well. I told myself that the main reason I hadn’t written about gratitude for the last two weeks or so was because I was too busy. But I’m not convinced.

I think maybe I just didn’t have anything to say. Except I did have things to say, but they weren’t nice things. Like how annoying it is when people don’t appreciate your effort. Or some contrived list or other, because I had to say something, because it was Monday and that’s when I write about gratitude, don’t you know?

So basically, I got side-tracked on my gratitude journey by the writing about gratitude journey. I turned it into a “Thing”, when it was only meant to be a part of the journey. It’s easily done. It’s also easily solved. (I hope.)

The problem is when the thing you enjoy becomes the thing that stresses you out, the thing that has to be done rather than the thing you want to do. It stops being about the process and starts being about the end result. The easiest way to fix that is to focus on the process – to always be practising and never actually doing (obviously, you would be doing, but in your head it would just be another practice).

This has application in the area of gratitude too – when it’s all about the process, all about the learning and the being and the trying, it’s easier to see the positives. When you are less afraid of doing it wrong, or running out of steam, or any number of negative things it is easier to find the moments of gratitude.

If it’s all just practice, you’re not trying to be perfect, you’re just trying to be better.

And that’s something to be grateful for.


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