Gratitude And The Sore Ankle

Sofas are dangerous. And not just because when you sit down in them when you’re tired you feel like you will never move again. Sofas are dangerous because the other week, I was standing up from one, and I tripped over my toes, and hurt my ankle. I have been hobbling around for these last three weeks, or maybe longer. Sometimes I even have to use a walking stick. Sofas are dangerous. Ban all the sofas, before they hurt somebody else.

Or maybe carpets are dangerous. Maybe it’s because the floor was carpet that I tripped over my toes. Never mind that carpets have cushioned my feet for every year of my life, and allow us to play safely as a family, and keep us warm. I tripped over because of the carpet. All carpets should be pulled up and burned. Stone floors all the way. Okay, maybe not stone floors. But not carpet.

Or maybe it wasn’t the carpet. It was actually my toes that caused the trouble. They got caught on something, somehow, and pulled under my foot, and then my foot got dragged down until something in my ankle popped. So if I hadn’t had toes, I wouldn’t have tripped over them. Toes should be banned. Maybe, as soon as a child has learned to walk, we should remove their toes, just to be on the safe side. We could replace them with detachable toes, so if you are going to trip like I did, the toes just detach, and save you an injury. Definitely. All the toes’ fault.

Or maybe, it was just that I was tired, and you know, physics. Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat double-jointed and therefore prone to these sorts of injuries. (The plus side, I have excellent party tricks….) Maybe the point isn’t about ooh, got to make sure I never get an ankle injury again. Maybe it’s about learning to look after the injured ankle.

I have been trying to learn to live a grateful life, and the ankle incident reminded me of something. Sometimes you just have to keep going. Be grateful for ice-packs and walking sticks and the opportunity to catch up on sedentary projects. Be grateful for friends and family that support you, and ready meals. And yes, be grateful that it doesn’t mean getting rid of the sofa, or the carpet, or my toes.



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