Summer Outing Review: Glass Painting at the National Glass Centre

I appreciate this is a deviation from my normal blog posts. I am experimenting. Writing the kind of post I would find useful. 

Taking Little Person out on summer holiday adventures has become more tricky over time. She gets more anxious. She needs to know more stuff. So this is a review of a day out that we tried. 

We went to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland. They had advertised drop in sessions to paint either a glass boat or a glass car. The Internet page was very up to date and included a note that the lift was out of order. Not that we needed the lift. The only thing was there was no picture of the entrance so that I could show Little Person a visual cue of what to look for when we arrived. 

Free parking. Yay. A nice ramp down to the entrance.  Also yay. Revolving door entrance. (Scored points with Little Person if not her mother.) 

The glass painting cost £4. We got a little glass shape (Little Person chose a boat) and a selection of pens to colour I with. We had the option to practise the design on a piece of paper and then trace onto the boat. We got to keep the boat but not the pens… 

Plus points: friendly staff who calmed right down and gave really good instructions when I asked. Minus points: quite an echoey room so when busy Little Person found it.difficult to cope.  

There’s also an educational display about glass in Sunderland, dating back to Roman times but it’s not very kid friendly. There’s a gallery, with no extra charge for the current display (I am not sure about other times). I  liked it.  Little Person liked it. The person handing me the piece of paper with all the info gave me a stern message about how fragile the stuff was. Because that’s really going to encourage parents to take their kids to see the art. 

There’s a pretty view of the river and downstairs there is a  restaurant and a shop. We didn’t get down there because the lift was broken. But it looked spacious enough and there were plenty of tables.

Overall, a good activity, well organised.  We would make sure to only go if it’s not busy next time. 

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