How to Evaluate a New Task Management System 

School holidays mean doing things differently.  It means my standard way of operating – making a mental note of all the things I need to do that day – doesn’t work. Too many things, and too many interruptions. 

For example, I can’t decide I will do this and when I am done I will eat lunch. Because lunch happens when Little Person is hungry. 

So I decided to record all my tasks electronically. Evaluating the success of this move was easy. 

When you find yourself collapsed in a heap on the sofa at the end of a very long day, looking up your task list and thinking “Oh,  I forgot to do that. Again.” Four days in a row. It’s safe to say it doesn’t work. 

It is most likely that by the time I work this one out, Little Person will be back at school and the system will have to adjust again…..


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