I See You (Or How To Be Brave, Maybe)

I know a guy who is having a hard time. But I admire the way that he keeps on trying. The way that he is trying to take responsibility, choosing not to run away from his challenges .  It is really difficult and yet I have the honour to say to him “I see you. I see what you are doing. I believe in you. Look how far you have come.” I can’t do the difficult things for him. I can’t make the choices to keep going on this right but difficult road. But I do know that walking alongside him in whatever way I. can makes a difference . My words give him a chance to see how brave he is, when all he can see is the fear and problems. 

In a similar way, Little Person has been overcoming so many challenges of late. I have said for a long time that she is the bravest person I know. The other night I found her in the bathroom, upset because she wants to do something and she doesn’t know if she can. I don’t know how the story will finish, because she still has a few weeks before she has to try to do the thing (in some ways that is part of the problem). But I know that as a pulled her onot my lap and wrapped my arms around her, I could remind her who she was and what she has done. “I see you. I know this is difficult . I know you have done difficult things in the past. You are brave enough for this.”

And then this morning, I was talking to my mum on the phone. telling her that really, I can’t do it. Telling her about the days that have been and the days to come and how it is all too much. And her words spoke to my heart. She didn’t say this but I heard “I see you. I know who you have been and what you have become. I know this is difficult. But I know you are brave enough. I see you and I know you are enough.”

Because there comes a time for all of us when the doubts hit and we realise that we are not brave enough or strong enough. And that’s when we need to know that nobody was made to be brave alone. We are all brave with somebody or for somebody. To be brave and alone is a very difficult thing. 

To see somebody, to really see them, and to speak courage to their journey , to tell them who they really are – brave enough to do this one thing because you stand there with them – is a privilege and an honour and one of the most powerful things. It is love in action. It is.literally pouring the courage into their hearts. It is giving them the tools to be their better selves. 

Who can you see today? Or maybe, just maybe you need somebody to see you. 


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