Lest We Forgot

And so, at 11AM on this 11th day of the 11th month we stood for two minutes silence. We remembered the sacrifice of so many lives,  not just those that have died, but those that walk among us and carry that death within them. 

We talk about things like honour and sacrifice and freedom. The words stick in my throat. 

We say lest we forget.  I say we have forgotten. 

We have forgotten the children, the broken, the vulnerable .  We have decided that profit matters more than people. The sacrifice, we say,  is for my freedom to call you names, and make you beg for mercy. And give you none. 

Oh not with our words. But with our actions. 

There is no freedom at a food bank. No freedom when a mother is expected to sacrifice caring for her sick child today to provide for her hungry child tomorrow .  Where is the honour in that? 

In my daily life I do not see the freedom that was fought for. I see hunger. Poverty of spirit .  Bitterness brought on by proud people brought low. 

I see that we have already forgotten. 


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