Things That Make Me Smile 

The other week somebody scratched my car in a botched parking attempt . This morning, they came and took my car and gave me a courtesy car. I thought I was meeting The Dude for lunch but I wasn’t. We have both had rotten weeks for different reasons , but he came out and we chatted and I drove off in the different car and realised for all that I am neck deep in horribleness  (not really , but it feels that way), I still was smiling.  

Given that I find writing therapeutic and nobody wants to listen to a whingefest, I figured a list of things that make me smile was good. 

  • The Dude makes me smile . 
  • The fact that The Dude can still make me smile makes me smile.
  • My car pulling into tight parking spaces (it never gets old)
  • Hot chips with salt and vinegar
  • Discovering somewhere new
  • Conversation with friends 
  • Chocolate, sometimes 
  • Waking up to Little Person giggles
  • Listening to Little Person play
  • Taking the dog for a walk (occasionally even in the rain)
  • The smell of chopped leeks
  • Talking to my mum
  • Finishing a row of knitting or crochet (it’s the little things)
  • A good cheese 
  • Rainbows
  • Puddles
  • Piles of leaves all raked up
  • The wind howling outside while I’m drinking hot tea
  • Stories of lives being changed 
  • Learning something new
  • The way my cat purrs every time I give her even the tiniest bit of attention 
  • Writing daft lists
  • Making a good decision for self care
  • Children
  • Dancing in the kitchen with The Dude
  • When the dog actually listens to me
  • Wearing a nice jumper or cardigan

And here my list ends for no other reason than The Dude has just.come in from work.


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