A Frozen Parody

Yesterday, a friend was humming “Do you want to build a snowman?”from the Frozen movie. She was frustrated with having that so good in her head so I changed the first line to something more … amusing. And then The Dude challenged me to redo the entire song. Now I just need somebody to sing it for me. 

And so without further ado I present my parody. 
Do you want to kill a snowman?

Melting each drop away.

Put the carrot in a stew

If you want to,

And use the sticks to play.

We can melt him in a puddle 

Or maybe not.

I’ll give you a reason why!

I don’t want to kill a snowman. 

What if we just built a glow man.

Do you want to kill a snowman?

Or get this song right out your head?

I think the puddle would be very wet,

Building is better yet – 

What can we build instead? 

(I know it’s tough)

Sometimes I’m on my mobile 

Looking through my Twitter feed.

All the hatred gets me down 

(Click block click block click block click block)

Please can we just do some good now? 

See people as they might yet be.

Tell them that we love them still – and do it too.

Sharing what we have got  (little or alot)

We have more than enough,

If we build, you see.

That’s what we’ve gotta do.

Do you want to build a glow man? 


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