Starting a Bullet Journal (A Messy One)

I had to Google what a bullet journal was, after somebody who crochets posted her intention to start bullet journaling. To save you the trouble, here’s the link to the place where it all began. (Tip: it really does make more sense if you watch the video). I will try to put more links at the bottom of this post.


Here’s the thing. Most of the social media bullet journaling you see is all ruler straight lines, stencils and washi tape. If I tried to get a ruler out to use, either the dog would chew it or Little Person would accidentally hit me with it. Or stab me in the eye. So my bullet journal has my character – scribbliness. The first page gives a clue.


As I write this, I am only three days in. So it might all be flash in the pan and I might give it up after a month. (Although the advice is to try to stick to it for two months. But then again the advice was also to think about what I really wanted from the system.) But it is a good way to order my thoughts, which means I am less anxious and I sleep better. Plus I get to do stuff like this.


And my inner geek is particularly appreciative of my nicely designed progress chart for editing my novel. Which I forgot to take a photo of. (And this is why I am a writer not one of them lifestyle blogger people.)

And lists. I love a good list. (BTW, if you can think of any other good easy simple meals that my family will like, feel free to tell me.)


But my “daily log” (although I still call it a day plan in my head, because that’s me, and also, three days) is very messy. Because the inside of my brain, even on a very organised day, is messy. And that’s fine.

I don’t normally write about these kinds of things, but this one is quite a good one. And I realised, looking at all the pretty Instagram pictures could be really disinspiring for people. So I want you to know that messy can work too. It’s not all about the pretty. It’s about finding a way to safely order your thoughts while letting you be you. At least, that’s my take on it.


But remember, I’m only three days in. (Wait, I feel like a lot can change in three days. Did I miss something?)




2 thoughts on “Starting a Bullet Journal (A Messy One)

  1. Mine is definitely an example of practical over pretty. I’d rather spend time getting stuff done than spending hours being a slave to art! That said, I can happily waste time looking at all the beautiful examples on Instagram, but only once my tasks are checked off!


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