The Thing With Challenges

Of course it’s probably part of the January-itis. The challenges that people put up and ask you to sign up for. Dry January is one (no problems there). But there’s the penny challenge  (save 1p the first day, 2p the next etc), the 52 books in a year, the 12 types of books (there’s a list that goes with that), all the whole30 food things, the put out a jar and put something nice in it about life every day challenge. 

So any good ideas. So many opportunities to try and to fail. Which is not the commentary you would expect from somebody who likes to be positive. 

Here’s the thing. My life is challenging enough. I have Little Person, the dog, the cat, The Dude. A house. A novel. Voluntary work. And then trying to take care not to wear myself into the ground.  It’s not that I think any of these are bad ideas. I just think they can be a heavier burden than we realise. 

So yes. It’s good to challenge yourself.  But does that challenge need to be so externally prescriptive? Why not use the challenge as a starting point  to making changes you want to make, instead of that you think you ought to make? Find the gem within that challenge, the thing that sparkles and catches your eye and makes your heart whisper “yes!” 

Doing a thing because somebody else thinks you should is generally not going to see you through the long hard slog. When it’s boring and frustrating and time consuming and the being hash tag is a million miles away from your reality. That’s when your heart and your dream will get you through. 

Challenges. It’s not about the being.  It’s about the zing. 


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