Lessons from a Labrador. Sort of.

I  skived church on Sunday.  I took Little Person and the Labrador to a local lab meet up and watched my dog splash about and my Little Person throw wet balls and talk to people she didnt know. 

And the greatest surprise of all is that she didn’t mind the change in routine. 

It’s easy though, to assume. I could have missed out on the adventure because asking Little Person about going could be a trigger for a meltdown. And I was not really up for a meltdown. But the thought buzzed in my head and so I asked. The Dude didn’t want to come so it was just me, Little and Lab. 

Little Person needs her routines but she also needs to have a life. 

I have all my roles and responsibilities but I also need to have a life. 

The Labrador has … well, the Labrador has to learn to swim. 

(Image courtesy of Martin Collingwood)


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