A Tale of Two Blankets

I recently finished a blanket. This one, with all the dog hairs on it because it has been sitting in the corner while I periodically crocheted the border. Round and round and round and round in brown and brown and brown and brown. I don’t much like brown. It came in the kit. It does […]

Please Don’t Say I Don’t Look Autistic.

I have never been particularly good with compliments. But I particularly dislike the kind of well-meaning “compliment” that actually isn’t. Specifically, when people find out I am autistic and proclaim with great confidence that I don’t look autistic. Of course most of those conversations happened prior to lockdown, and I only received my diagnosis in […]

What My Autism Looks Like To You

Hello! My name is Rox’s Autism. She takes me wherever she goes. Sometimes she wears me like a big prickly coat, and sometimes she carries me as a giant fist of fear in her tummy. For the longest time, she called me by lots of different names – non-conformist, quirky, not too loud, no spicy […]

Rewards are Not Just for Finishing Stuff

We don’t do sticker charts in our house. Those little reward things … do this fifty zillion times to get fifty zillion stickers and then you can say “Look! I have fifty zillion stickers!” Something must have got lost in translation because I never saw the point. (Nor does Little Person.) We do rewards in […]

The Unachievable Goal of Tidy As You Go

My mum tried very hard to instil within me the discipline of cleaning as I went – particularly during meal prep. Given that I didn’t want to be in the kitchen, I did my best not to pay attention to the lesson. She may have had slightly more success had she mentioned the smug self-satisfaction […]

One Year, One Funeral, One Kitten

I haven’t written in a while. It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s just that, the words swirled like mad inside my head and wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to catch them and set them on the page. Not till after the funeral, and even then those were words for other people. […]

Never Underestimate The Power of Small Things

Last week, we forgot to buy almond milk. (We only shop once a week because Covid.) Which means for about 4 days, I have been splashing normal milk in my tea. Today I went back to my normal tea, and aaaaah… lovely. In a world where we feel so overwhelmed by big problems, it’s easy […]