A Militant Grace

Christmas is coming. Christmas – all that food , family, festive fun. This year, I’ve volunteered to help out with organising some Christmas boxes to go to orphanages in Moldova. The volunteering conversation was unexpected. “I would like to help out with the Moldova boxes.” “I should warn you, I’m militant.” I know that most […]

Packing up the Decorations

I’ve had 6 years of packing up Christmas decorations – scanning the floor for the baubles the cat has borrowed as seasonal toys, trying not to knock over ornaments as I undrape tinsel, arguing with the fake tree to get it back in its box, trying to remeber how the house looked before the tree. […]

A Different Sort of Christmas Lessons

I love Christmas. Actually, I love Christmas dinner. More than the presents actually. The people crammed around the table, the food piled so high it doesn’t actually all fit on the table, the conversation and shared delight. All toasty warm while outside it is cold and dark and maybe even a little windy. Maybe that’s […]