Faith, Love and Being Wrong

Growing up, the idea was that faith was certainty. I guess that’s part of what my dad found so unappealing – the idea that to believe in something meant to be 100% absolutely sure. And not just sure about the big things, but sure about a million little minutiae. To know beyond a shadow of […]

An Unrelenting Lent

This year is my first in a church that officially  “does” Lent. Ash Wednesday and everything. The Dude is undertaking various exercises in self-discipline. I am not. I had a list of good intentions.  I had a brilliant plan of what I was going to do. But as the day got closer, the pressure of […]

Not A Nice Christian Girl

Nice Christian Girls don’t talk about it when they get hurt by their churches. Or effectively kicked out by their churches either. But then, I’m not a Nice Christian Girl, so that’s alright. Of course a Nice Christian Girl would never tell her story, because a Nice Christian Girl would not have this story to […]

A Place to Belong

All I ever wanted was a place to belong. It sounds stupid really, to want a place to belong. I mean, I have a family. I have excelled at school, and then (much) later, at university. I’ve done things, helped people, but all along, all I ever wanted was to belong. To be accepted, loved, […]

Considering labels

Late in my teenage years, I went on a church camp. One of the group exercises involved each individual identifying a negative trait in somebody else and telling them (in front of the group), followed by the same person identifying a positive trait in their nominated individual. (I suspect that this exercise could have gone […]

The Curious Incident of The Responses to #nomakeupselfie

When I was a child growing up in South Africa, old women had wrinkles and grey hair, and when they laughed, their faces turned into a craggy witness to the million laughs they shared through their lifetimes. Their faces bore testament to the passage of time, and experience. Sure, their skin lacked elasticity, but they […]