Cooking, Autism and Me

When I was in high school, or maybe just after, I used to watch a show called “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook”. Ainsley Harriot running around talking to people while they chopped and salted and 15 minutes later there was a thoroughly edible something on the plate. Back then, I  liked cooking as a spectator sport. I […]

Kickstarting Creativity Week 2: Favourite Things

We all know the standard questions we ask, what’s your favourite colour/music/film/celebrity/cuisine. I mean, you could answer that, but it feels boring. So let’s explore some other favourite things instead. Your favourite person. Not just what they look like. But how they smell, what makes them laugh, who they are. Make me want to give […]

The Story Of A Recipe

I thought that I made my mother’s roast chicken. I was sure of it. I remember my horror the first time I watched her stick a lemon up the backside of the bird. (These days she spatchcocks her chickens to cook them, but I like my chicken to look like chicken.) I made her roast […]

Stepping back to Step Up

It’s like walking along, and suddenly you’re confronted with a rather deep and somewhat wide ditch. Just that little bit bigger than a normal stride would take you over. So you take a few steps back, and attach it with a little bit of enthusiasm and you’re over the ditch without a bother. Now imagine […]

Learning about Learning

This evening’s meal was chosen by Little Person – pasta with cheese and tomato. She declared her intention to assist with the cooking, and proceeded to investigate the acoustic properties of nearby items using a pair of chopsticks. Since cooking pasta involves a pan of boiling water, I just enjoyed watching her explore for a […]

Learning to Cook Fish (or how to start)

The Dude was super-helpful the other day and took Little Person grocery shopping as I was under the weather. He brought back everything on the list plus a few extras. Including two trout fillets. If it swims, it slims. Apparently. I’ve cooked one fish dish our entire marriage (apart from occasionally opening a can of […]