Gardening in the Time of Corona (A Poem)

I started gardening last week – Planted seeds in a pot, Smelled the sweet earthiness. Saw a butterfly, And dreamed of hedgehogs. Nothing happened. Though I watered them (Not too much, nor too little) And stared, And heard a bee bumble by. Did the laundry, And dreamed of forgotten things. Nothing happened. I am still […]

Random Makery

There have been two things that I have done over the last 6 months or so that have made a massive difference to my mental health. 1. Boundaries. Which included tossing out the doing of stuff that other people expected me to do just because they expected it. (More on that another day) 2. Creativity. […]

Mirror Mirror On The Wall (A poem)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, How long will it be until I fall? Who is the most exhausted of us all? Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mirror, mirror don’t judge me, I tried using lots of lists, you see. I tried rules, and watching, and maybe I tried a little too hard to be. Mirror, […]

I Wrote A Poem on Purpose

I had your purpose once – A burning call that Whispered to my dreams And shouted above the cacophony Of a million doubts. A love that consumed my heart A vision that overcame A never ending tug that Pulled everything into tension. * It was beautiful and brave, Golden and glistening. Admirable. A reflection of […]

Embers (A Poem)

I carry these embers, This birth, or death; What was, or could yet be.   I carry these embers, This hope unborn; Lost dream forlorn.   I carry these embers, A dim journey To ash or light.   I carry these embers, Inbetween-ness And unknown choice.   I carry these embers, And on, and on, […]

Rethinking Gifts and Gift Giving 

I am not bah humbug but I think I have not been enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year. I am leaning more towards the advent quiet contemplation and reflection way of doing things. (As opposed to the stuff yourself with tiny chocolates and stress yourself out at the shops kind.) This is all […]

Collaborative Creativity and Confidence

I contribute at a community outreach programme run by my church. By which I mean I play pool and have conversations with people one day a week. We have been trying some creative projects in recent weeks.  A funny thing happens when you give a group a creative project. People who claim not to be […]

Writing In The Hidden Moments

Writing is what I do. In many ways, it’s a fundamental part of who I am – it’s crucial to my mental health, problem – solving and often is my preferred method of communication generally.  And I  can write about just about anything. The thing is, when the same thing is both your self – […]

Sorry My Creativity Offended You

Once I was part of a social organisation that was heavily involved in community projects, including outreach programmes and hosting regular entertainment events. I thought I might have something to contribute. I spoke to one of the leaders of the social club – the lady in charge of the creativity team as well as community […]