Gardening in the Time of Corona (A Poem)

I started gardening last week – Planted seeds in a pot, Smelled the sweet earthiness. Saw a butterfly, And dreamed of hedgehogs. Nothing happened. Though I watered them (Not too much, nor too little) And stared, And heard a bee bumble by. Did the laundry, And dreamed of forgotten things. Nothing happened. I am still […]

Us. Them. Other. (or Life on the Edge)

I live fairly close to the edges of things – I’m the one who says the wrong thing, or writes what everyone’s thinking and nobody will say. My past is littered with moments of other-ness so as much as it’s cosy in here with Us, I can’t help but wish They could be here too. […]

The Other Side of the Story

I don’t often just share a link to somebody else’s blog. But this is a blog in repose to people’s response to the whole Trump “I can sexually assault women.” This is not my story. But it may have been.  And it’s not just about Trump.either. It’s the normalisation of treating women’s bodies as men’s […]

When Traditions Collide

We had burgers for lunch today. And there will be apple pie in our future.  Because “as American as Apple pie”. We’re not American.  The Dude is from Northern Ireland, I’m from South Africa. We live in England.  Of course we are eating food we associate with America. Because it’s the Sunday before Lent. My […]