Gardening in the Time of Corona (A Poem)

I started gardening last week – Planted seeds in a pot, Smelled the sweet earthiness. Saw a butterfly, And dreamed of hedgehogs. Nothing happened. Though I watered them (Not too much, nor too little) And stared, And heard a bee bumble by. Did the laundry, And dreamed of forgotten things. Nothing happened. I am still […]

Random Makery

There have been two things that I have done over the last 6 months or so that have made a massive difference to my mental health. 1. Boundaries. Which included tossing out the doing of stuff that other people expected me to do just because they expected it. (More on that another day) 2. Creativity. […]

Is it Still Brave If We Don’t Have a Choice?

#Kale – Metaphors Keep discrediting the metaphors: Annihilated “Journey”, Liquidated “Battle”, Excused “Chapter”. * I write #kale poems for my friend @drbexl as she lives with the challenges of a secondary breast cancer diagnosis (#livingwithmets), but this one is sort of for both of us. Because while her challenges are not my challenges, and my […]

I Wrote A Poem on Purpose

I had your purpose once – A burning call that Whispered to my dreams And shouted above the cacophony Of a million doubts. A love that consumed my heart A vision that overcame A never ending tug that Pulled everything into tension. * It was beautiful and brave, Golden and glistening. Admirable. A reflection of […]

Thinking about Planners (A Brief Review)

I need to be organised. Not just in a “oh so many things to do” kind of way but in a “keeping track of everything makes me anxious” kind of way. And since I have a ton of other things that can cause anxiety, anything I can do to reduce the load is good. It’s […]


My engagement ring is beautiful. I love it. I also don’t wear it as it causes some weird smelly rash on my finger. I know marriage can be difficult but it’s not supposed to make you actually stink. Anyway, sometimes that has vexed me a little, because I wanted some outward sign of my inside […]

Not The Thing

I used to think that I had to find The Thing and then I would be Happy. You know the Thing? That something that somehow if I worked out what it was and did it, everything would make sense. Everything would be worthwhile. The obstacles would be as nothing. I just needed to look around […]

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

“Come on, just give him a little cuddle. Oh look, that’s such a lovely picture. Do you want to look?” They didn’t. They were two young boys, and all they really wanted was to eat their lunch. But then the other mother (because this was two mothers and their boys in a softplay place, and […]