Lessons From “A Year of Gratitude”

At the beginning of the year, I decided that this would be the year of gratitude. Or at least, learning about gratitude. That didn’t turn out too well, and a little while ago, I decided to ditch the whole thing. Except somehow, trying for gratitude has sort of seeped in. So here’s some things my […]

September, And Reconsidering Gratitude

This was supposed to be my year of gratitude. I can summarise what I have learned about gratitude in the list below: Don’t ever have a year of gratitude, unless you only want to do fluffy gratitude. Because real gratitude – when you are truly grateful for something, rather than just appreciative of it because […]

Gratitude And The Sore Ankle

Sofas are dangerous. And not just because when you sit down in them when you’re tired you feel like you will never move again. Sofas are dangerous because the other week, I was standing up from one, and I tripped over my toes, and hurt my ankle. I have been hobbling around for these last […]

Gratitude And The Art Of Practice

This is supposed to be my year of gratitude and as lessons go, I’m not doing very well. I told myself that the main reason I hadn’t written about gratitude for the last two weeks or so was because I was too busy. But I’m not convinced. I think maybe I just didn’t have anything […]

Why Gratitude?

I thought I was going to find this whole gratitude malarkey a walk in the park. I mean, I think I’m a positive person (when I’m not all depressed, that is – and even then…), others certainly think I’m a positive person, I have been practicing the craft of learning the lesson, finding the good […]

Gratitude, Depression and Light

Have you ever given a homemade gift to somebody who just doesn’t “get it”? All the love, thought, time, effort and energy is shrugged off as though by giving something home-made (which, to be honest, will never look as uniform as things that are mass produced) is somehow second best. As though everything that went […]