If Time Really Was An Investment

If time really was an investment, I would be a relational venture capitalist, specialising in purpose awakening. I would be strategic in the relationships I developed, since it is our relationships that pull us through the periods when life threatens to overwhelm. I would be a venture capitalist, because I would spend my time investing […]

Letting Go

There are many things that I have had to let go through my life. I left an entire friendship circle behind when I emigrated from South Africa to the United Kingdom. I left a steady job, people that cared about me, a culture I understood – for what? Climbing on the plane, I didn’t even […]

The Lesson in the Laundry

My in-laws are visiting, which translates to them staying with us for a week. Sleeping arrangements have shifted, but that’s alright. As long as I remember to take tomorrow’s clothes out of my cupboard, because they’re sleeping in my bed and, well. Sleeping in when on holiday is acceptable. School run in pyjamas, less so. […]

Trees don’t appear overnight.

Over the last few weeks and months, I have been meditating on and off on this concept of being like a tree. Rooted. Useful. With fruit, and leaves, and a river. Birds flying around, people having picnics. Possibly even treehouses. And definitely still there when winter’s frost has gone and the winds have blown themselves […]

A Tantrum of Grace

I will most likely look back on these days and say that they were one of the best things to happen to me. But not today. Today I want to have a tantrum, and shout and say it’s not fair, but the problem is this. I am still learning from the experience. I am becoming […]

Ten Things My Mother Taught Me

1. Hug the unghuggable and love the unlovable. Its taken twenty years, but I finally understand why my mum kept telling me she loved me even when I didn’t tell her back, or rolled my eyes, or gritted my teeth. Or hugged me when  I was as approachable as a sandpaper-smothered piranha. Because the message […]

Counting the Victories

It’s been one of those days. You know the one, where you find yourself watching the clock with a tingling in your fingernails as you hang on for just one more minute until, … and then the until seems to be worse than the hanging on time. Specifically, Little Person, who has never been a […]