Us. Them. Other. (or Life on the Edge)

I live fairly close to the edges of things – I’m the one who says the wrong thing, or writes what everyone’s thinking and nobody will say. My past is littered with moments of other-ness so as much as it’s cosy in here with Us, I can’t help but wish They could be here too. […]

When Being Right is Wrong

Maybe it was because I was young but I always used to enjoy being right. I loved winning arguments. I loved thinking something through and working it all out and coming up with an answer. It was alright if we were both right but if it turned out that I was right and you were […]

The Trouble With Asking For Help 

Earlier this year,  I discovered a special needs parents support group that meets fortnightly not too far from where I live. The first week I was busy, the second I was ill. The third I forgot about it because I suspect I was having a good day. The following time, I went to bed the […]

Can a Woman Be Strong?

A friend and I were discussing societal gender differences. Imagine it – two women trying to work out what it must mean to be a man. Because even though the narrative of society is that it’s okay for men to express their emotions, on an individual level it’s a different story.  Maybe there’s a generation […]

A Letter About Bullies

I know I told you that you are better than them (the bullies, I mean), but I feel I should expand. I know that right now, when the words cut deep and you stare in the mirror and wonder what to do next, now is not the time for nice sayings and pretty words. But […]

Not A Nice Christian Girl

Nice Christian Girls don’t talk about it when they get hurt by their churches. Or effectively kicked out by their churches either. But then, I’m not a Nice Christian Girl, so that’s alright. Of course a Nice Christian Girl would never tell her story, because a Nice Christian Girl would not have this story to […]

Don’t Be A Put-Down Artist

I remember once I lost my temper with somebody, which wasn’t a good thing. All the apologies in the world don’t make it right. And it doesn’t matter that I hadn’t seriously lost my temper in at least four years before that, or that I can count on my hands the number of times that […]