My engagement ring is beautiful. I love it. I also don’t wear it as it causes some weird smelly rash on my finger. I know marriage can be difficult but it’s not supposed to make you actually stink. Anyway, sometimes that has vexed me a little, because I wanted some outward sign of my inside […]

Ice cream, and Adulting

I’m eating ice cream. Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough to be exact. It is my childhood bliss in a pot. Not because we had cookie dough ice cream but because ice cream was for summer days and special treats and when my mum baked she always let us scrape the bowl and eat it. Somehow that was […]

Not The Thing

I used to think that I had to find The Thing and then I would be Happy. You know the Thing? That something that somehow if I worked out what it was and did it, everything would make sense. Everything would be worthwhile. The obstacles would be as nothing. I just needed to look around […]

Rethinking Gifts and Gift Giving 

I am not bah humbug but I think I have not been enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year. I am leaning more towards the advent quiet contemplation and reflection way of doing things. (As opposed to the stuff yourself with tiny chocolates and stress yourself out at the shops kind.) This is all […]

Letter To An Outsider

Dear Outsider, I think there’s been a misunderstanding .  I suppose that must happen to you quite frequently. I guess telling you that doesn’t help. I guess reminding you that you will always be an outsider doesn’t help either. Maybe it’s just we all spend so much time with the insiders that we forget what […]

When Being Right is Wrong

Maybe it was because I was young but I always used to enjoy being right. I loved winning arguments. I loved thinking something through and working it all out and coming up with an answer. It was alright if we were both right but if it turned out that I was right and you were […]

Can a Woman Be Strong?

A friend and I were discussing societal gender differences. Imagine it – two women trying to work out what it must mean to be a man. Because even though the narrative of society is that it’s okay for men to express their emotions, on an individual level it’s a different story.  Maybe there’s a generation […]

We Need To Talk About Mother’s Day

  Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday in the UK, and as usual, our consumerist culture has turned it into a schmaltzy overload of sentimentality and tat. Can you tell I’m not a fan? I like the idea of my family taking a day to say thank you to me for all my hard work, even if […]