A Reflection on Entitlement and Privilege

The other day, in a Facebook group, someone said they had been the victim of a Karen. Cue somebody chiming in about “we need to have a better word because my friend/aunt/dogsitter is called Karen and they’re lovely.” I pointed out that the name Karen came from a particular woman with a particular sense of […]

The Privilege of Not Seeing*

(*this in no way diminishes the daily struggles of those with significant actual visual impairments.) “But I don’t see colour.” I have heard many people say that over the last few days. This comment goes right up there with the following seemingly harmless chestnuts – but she doesn’t look autistic – but you’re not, like, […]

You Can’t Surf a Tidal Wave

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but everything has turned upside down recently. It’s not just the whole “there’s a highly contagious virus out there that might kill me, or damage me for life, or just make me really sick for a few weeks” thing. Which, let’s be honest, is hard enough. In my case […]