Gardening in the Time of Corona (A Poem)

I started gardening last week – Planted seeds in a pot, Smelled the sweet earthiness. Saw a butterfly, And dreamed of hedgehogs. Nothing happened. Though I watered them (Not too much, nor too little) And stared, And heard a bee bumble by. Did the laundry, And dreamed of forgotten things. Nothing happened. I am still […]

I Wrote A Poem on Purpose

I had your purpose once – A burning call that Whispered to my dreams And shouted above the cacophony Of a million doubts. A love that consumed my heart A vision that overcame A never ending tug that Pulled everything into tension. * It was beautiful and brave, Golden and glistening. Admirable. A reflection of […]

Little Limpet (A Poem)

I found this poem in a notebook I recently started using again – it’s dated September 2017, and the description is probably more true now than it ever was. Little Limpet Little Limpet, I know you love me. Squeezed up next to me so I feel every breath, Hear every tummy gurgle, Know without knowing […]

Embers (A Poem)

I carry these embers, This birth, or death; What was, or could yet be.   I carry these embers, This hope unborn; Lost dream forlorn.   I carry these embers, A dim journey To ash or light.   I carry these embers, Inbetween-ness And unknown choice.   I carry these embers, And on, and on, […]

The Dog and The Writing

I have figured something out. I am not going to get any more time in my days. Ground-breaking, I know. I drastically underestimated the impact the dog would have on my life, and while I am glad we have her, the down side is that I don’t have the same time for writing. No more […]

Writing In The Hidden Moments

Writing is what I do. In many ways, it’s a fundamental part of who I am – it’s crucial to my mental health, problem – solving and often is my preferred method of communication generally.  And I  can write about just about anything. The thing is, when the same thing is both your self – […]

When The Writing Wants a Day Off

I can tell people I’m a writer without wincing these days. I’m nearly done with the first draft of my novel (actually, it’s in that awkward place just before nearly done, but never mind that). I have written guideline documents for people wanting to help the refugees in Calais, and across Europe. And today was […]