The Dog and The Writing

I have figured something out. I am not going to get any more time in my days. Ground-breaking, I know. I drastically underestimated the impact the dog would have on my life, and while I am glad we have her, the down side is that I don’t have the same time for writing. No more […]

Not Resolutions, or A Question of Contentment

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. For a few years, I have tried to do “word for the year” – a word, an idea to be explored and expressed throughout a calendar year. Last year’s was Gratitude. It didn’t go down well (The Dude still laughs about it). I have a word for 2017, but […]

Lessons From “A Year of Gratitude”

At the beginning of the year, I decided that this would be the year of gratitude. Or at least, learning about gratitude. That didn’t turn out too well, and a little while ago, I decided to ditch the whole thing. Except somehow, trying for gratitude has sort of seeped in. So here’s some things my […]

A Frozen Parody

Yesterday, a friend was humming “Do you want to build a snowman?”from the Frozen movie. She was frustrated with having that so good in her head so I changed the first line to something more … amusing. And then The Dude challenged me to redo the entire song. Now I just need somebody to sing […]

Rethinking Gifts and Gift Giving 

I am not bah humbug but I think I have not been enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year. I am leaning more towards the advent quiet contemplation and reflection way of doing things. (As opposed to the stuff yourself with tiny chocolates and stress yourself out at the shops kind.) This is all […]

Poem For Advent (Not Really)

First Sunday of advent has come and has gone, Onwards and upwards, there’s things to be done. Only remember to wait and to pray, Discounts and bargains will be ours today .  Can we just pause and give some small thought?  Under the tinsel tree presents we’ve bought!  People around us have less than they […]

Letter To An Outsider

Dear Outsider, I think there’s been a misunderstanding .  I suppose that must happen to you quite frequently. I guess telling you that doesn’t help. I guess reminding you that you will always be an outsider doesn’t help either. Maybe it’s just we all spend so much time with the insiders that we forget what […]

Things That Make Me Smile 

The other week somebody scratched my car in a botched parking attempt . This morning, they came and took my car and gave me a courtesy car. I thought I was meeting The Dude for lunch but I wasn’t. We have both had rotten weeks for different reasons , but he came out and we […]

Ramblings and Raindrops 

As I write , I am in the car, raindrops pattering against the roof. I’m waiting to fetch Little Person from school. My trousers are wet because I dashed home, walked the dog in the rain and dashed out again. So now I am cold and the cars are whizzing by and the gentle sloshing […]