Is it Still Brave If We Don’t Have a Choice?

#Kale – Metaphors Keep discrediting the metaphors: Annihilated “Journey”, Liquidated “Battle”, Excused “Chapter”. * I write #kale poems for my friend @drbexl as she lives with the challenges of a secondary breast cancer diagnosis (#livingwithmets), but this one is sort of for both of us. Because while her challenges are not my challenges, and my […]

Autism, Austerity and the To Do List

I’m sitting at the top of the stairs, ignoring the smell of dust. My cat can’t decide whether to sit with me or not. I can hear the dog whining downstairs, and Little Person muttering and clattering her toys. I’m here because last week she got stuck in her climbing frame and nobody could hear […]

Little Limpet (A Poem)

I found this poem in a notebook I recently started using again – it’s dated September 2017, and the description is probably more true now than it ever was. Little Limpet Little Limpet, I know you love me. Squeezed up next to me so I feel every breath, Hear every tummy gurgle, Know without knowing […]

The Hidden Costs of EHCP Application*

*So far (** I should add, this post refers to a child with more “hidden” difficulties – she has no obvious medical needs or learning difficulties, nor a flashing light above her head to say she needs help. I know the struggle is very real for parents with children with more obvious needs, but I […]

I’m not done yet

There are so many failures littering these past few years, if that’s the way I look at it. I have wasted a perfectly good brain and excellent grades in university by not finding a PhD. Instead I am the carer for my ASD diagnosed Little Person.  I have not mastered the art of housework. Instead […]

Cooking, Autism and Me

When I was in high school, or maybe just after, I used to watch a show called “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook”. Ainsley Harriot running around talking to people while they chopped and salted and 15 minutes later there was a thoroughly edible something on the plate. Back then, I  liked cooking as a spectator sport. I […]

Lessons From “A Year of Gratitude”

At the beginning of the year, I decided that this would be the year of gratitude. Or at least, learning about gratitude. That didn’t turn out too well, and a little while ago, I decided to ditch the whole thing. Except somehow, trying for gratitude has sort of seeped in. So here’s some things my […]