Holiday! Yay! Also Nooooooo! Also Whatever…

It’s holidays, which means everybody is either Cherishing every blessed moment of their carefully manufactured and Pinterest planned time with their children (#makingmemories) Or Counting the days until it’s time to go back to school, while watching the clock to work out when it’s safe to chug open the wine, and also trying not to […]

I’m not done yet

There are so many failures littering these past few years, if that’s the way I look at it. I have wasted a perfectly good brain and excellent grades in university by not finding a PhD. Instead I am the carer for my ASD diagnosed Little Person.  I have not mastered the art of housework. Instead […]

And Then We Got A Dog (Sunday Musings)

Reasons Not To Get A Dog: 1. I am not a dog person. I blame the childhood trauma of picking up very messy giant piles of dog poo. 2. Dogs are expensive. There’s food, and vet bills and bedding and toys. 3. You have to train them. Potty training. Obedience training.   4. They take […]

Walking Away

I walked away into the garden. I shoved my arms into the sleeves of my coat, didn’t even bother to change my slippers for shoes, and I walked away. Into the cold sunlight, the breeze catching my hair and throwing it in my face. Like so much else has been thrown in my face. I […]

An Unexpected Contentment

Today’s prompt: If you could put your mind from ten or twenty years ago into your current life, what would you find most surprising? What would the younger me be surprised by the older me doing? I wouldn’t be suprised that I emigrated, nor that I continue my love affair with writing. But The Dude? […]

Building Dreams

I Will Build My Dreams Around You Us I never planned on getting married. I mean, I had a brief period of time where I thought that I was desperately lonely and a partner would solve all my problems (that’s why I joined a dating website), but by the time I met The Dude, I […]

More Than A Normal Mummy

This is a letter I have written to a friend of mine as she struggles with two young children with very specific needs. Sometimes we only see the problems that these needs create – but we all need to remember that the real story is much bigger than just that. (I preach to myself here.) […]

Letting Go

There are many things that I have had to let go through my life. I left an entire friendship circle behind when I emigrated from South Africa to the United Kingdom. I left a steady job, people that cared about me, a culture I understood – for what? Climbing on the plane, I didn’t even […]

Drowning out the “Bad Mother” Monster

I’ve been a mother for a little over 5 years now, and for the majority of that time, I felt like a fraud. There was a little monster on my shoulder whispering in my ear that actually, I was a Bad Mother, and one day everybody was going to find out. I tried everything to […]